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Looking For Commercial Dishwasher Parts?

Hobart's Dishwasher Maintenance Kit Has You Covered

Do you have a dishwasher in your industrial or commercial kitchen? Of course, you do. In many ways, this vital piece of equipment is the heart of any kitchen. Without it, you cannot really function effectively. Consequently, it is important to ensure that your dishwasher remains in good working order. You are in luck because Hobart offers Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kits for just this purpose. Ensure you never have an unforeseen breakdown or stoppage with a Hobart Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kit!

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Proactively maintaining your equipment is one of the best ways to prevent unanticipated equipment failures. As we all know, the cost of downtime is not just measured in the actual cost of parts repair but also in the productive time lost while awaiting the aforementioned repairs. These costs can be entirely avoided through preventative maintenance. By performing maintenance on your equipment before a failure occurs, you will be reducing the risk that any of your high-wear parts will break due to overuse. By replacing these parts in regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, you reduce the risk of an unexpected equipment failure and help maintain the peak condition of your kitchen equipment consistently.


The potential benefits of being prepared for the worst with a Hobart Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kit are nearly endless. First of all, these kits are cost-saving. You will not have to spend as much money on individual commercial parts, and you will entirely avoid the catastrophe of an equipment breakdown resulting from inadequate maintenance. One Hobart Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kit saves you an average of 15% on the cost of parts alone. Additionally, these kits will save you material time, which translates directly to money by preventing unwanted downtime due to equipment failures. You’ll be in total control of your dishwasher’s efficient operation by ensuring that you do not have unexpected breaks, thereby preventing costly downtime in operations.


Hobart Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kits come with genuine OEM parts. This ensures quality and compatibility with your equipment. What’s more, Hobart Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kits make sure that your parts increase the function and utility of your equipment. Here are a few examples of ways in which Hobart Dishwasher Maintenance Kit parts are helpful to your kitchen equipment.


Proactively replacing dishwasher curtains helps guarantee efficiency by preventing heat and water from escaping the machine. It also minimizes chemical usage by preventing water from passing through curled or stiff curtains. In this way, wastefulness is eliminated, and your dishwasher can operate with supreme efficiency.

Vacuum Breakers

Replacing your vacuum breakers helps prevent dirty dishwater and cleaning chemicals from washing back into the clean water supply, contaminating it. Also, this helps prevent water from leaking through faulty vacuum breakers leading to water on the floor, walls, and ceiling near the dishwasher. This is an exponentially good thing to avoid, both for the wear and tear on your kitchen environment that constant water exposure will cause, but also for liability reasons due to the potential of a slip and fall accident from water on the floor.

Wash Arm O-Rings

Making sure that your wash arm o-rings are in pristine condition helps ensure that proper water pressure is maintained during dishwasher use. Additionally, it helps to assure consistent and high wash quality by maintaining this internal water pressure. A faulty o-ring can lead to considerable waste and a lower quality of wash from your equipment, so this is a form of maintenance you must be sure to perform.


Maintaining your floats in optimal condition is hugely important, as it ensures that elements energize at the right time. This helps guarantee proper sanitation when the machine is in use. Replacing floats also helps prevent heat element failures due to incorrect water level sensing. This can be a costly failure, which in addition to the material cost, will impose a significant time cost if it occurs. Avoid these issues entirely by getting a Hobart Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kit for your commercial or industrial kitchen today.

Our Maintenance Kits

Hobart’s preventative maintenance and genuine OEM parts Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance Kits help to guarantee that you will not have an unforeseen stoppage in your kitchen due to an equipment failure. Our model-specific kits include curtains, o-rings, floats, nozzles, and other high-usage parts that Hobart recommends for replacement to keep your equipment operating at peak performance. We also offer same-day shipping on all in-stock parts ordered before 8 P.M.

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