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Hobart Introduces New 10 Pan Prep Washers

Hobart PW10 and AdvansysTM PW10eR Offer Advanced Cleaning, Sanitation and Cost Savings

TROY, OHIO – (March 1, 2016) – A new energy- and resource-saving prep washer solution is now available for retail and food service kitchens, offering advanced cleaning and sanitation from a manufacturer known for long-term quality and durability. The PW10 and AdvansysTM PW10eR prep washers from Hobart are engineered to meet the demands of busy grocery, deli, bakery and institutional kitchens. Using a cold water supply and just half the water of competing brands, the new prep washers accommodate up to 10 sheet pans (18 inches by 26 inches) or a 140 quart mixing bowl.

“With the PW10 and the Advansys PW10eR, we’ve created a solution for kitchens that need excellent washability for serving ware, baking ware, prep equipment and more, but want to save on operational expenses,” said Carrie Hoff, product line manager, Hobart Warewash. “These new ENERGY STAR® qualified prep washers achieve that by using significantly less water than competing brands while still delivering best-in-class performance.”

While other prep washers use as much as 2.4 gallons to 6 gallons of water per cycle, Hobart’s new fully automatic, heavy duty stainless steel PW10 and PW10eR prep washers consume just 1.2 gallons of water per cycle. Sheets pans and prep ware still emerge clean thanks to four- spoke wash arms that feature 50 percent more wash nozzles than conventional designs.

To guarantee sanitation, both the PW10 and PW10eR also come equipped with a 70-deg rise booster heater with Sense-a-TempTM technology ensuring that the rinse temperature reaches 180 degrees.

In addition to performance and savings, Hobart designed its new prep washers to offer flexibility and long-term durable performance. Both the PW10 and PW10eR have 2-, 4- and 6-minute wash cycles, a deep-drawn 21-gallon tank, a large scrap basket and microcomputer controls with advanced digital cycle and temperature display.

Advansys Capabalities and Cost Savings

Providing unprecedented performance and savings, the PW10eR includes Hobart’s patented Advansys energy recovery technology. The Advansys technology captures and uses the steam vapor to preheat cold inlet water, thereby eliminating the need for a vent hood. This can save up to $1,500 in annual operating and energy costs compared to competitive models.

The Advansys energy recovery technology also creates additional savings for kitchen operations because it eliminates the need to purchase and install an expensive ventilation system for the prep washer. For new kitchens, this can translate into savings of up to $5,000 in the first year.

Hobart designed the Advansys PW10eR and PW10 to accommodate the fast pace of a busy kitchen. Sheet pans, bowls, bins, chicken spits and utensils can all be washed at once, and the machine’s fast cycle times ensure kitchen staff aren’t waiting around on the washer to close their stations. The PW10eR offers retail and food service kitchens the cleaning power they need, plus operational, energy and resource savings to keep kitchens running on budget.

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