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Monday, March 15, 2021 - 10:00

Hobart Introduces HT Scales with Linerless Label Cassette and Auto Cutter

Versatile HT Series Has Flexibility to Customize Labels, Increase Savings on Label Consumption and Automatically Size and Cut Labels

TROY, Ohio (March 15, 2021) –Hobart announced today that it is introducing new HT Scales with linerless label cassette and auto cutter.  Adapted from its scale technology expertise, the latest linerless technology ensures simple operation, minimum cleaning and maximum life expectancy.  This intelligent auto cutter design automatically sizes and cuts each label leaving a uniform edge, while the linerless label cassette reduces waste and increases operational efficiency.

“There are so many benefits to this product based on the linerless label cassette design and auto cutter capabilities,” said Hobart Product Line Manager of Weigh Wrap Sheila Campbell.  “Using linerless labels eliminates the backing paper, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.  Dynamically sized labels eliminate the potential of unnecessary blank space maximizing label use.  As a result, customers will get significantly more labels out of each roll, reducing consumables costs.  The innovative auto cutter feature eliminates the need to manually tear the label and risk damaging the barcode or other printed information.  Each label is mechanically cut without operator intervention, resulting in a consistent cut and fully legible printed data.  The cartridge style cassette is easily removed to quickly replace label stock and the customized design allows linerless labels to effortlessly flow through the cassette making the operator’s experience simple and efficient.”

Hobart HT Scales are used in meat, seafood, cheese, deli and various other departments throughout grocery stores and supermarkets to weigh, price, and label food products for consumer purchase.  The latest Hobart scale design with linerless label cassette and auto cutter allows retailers to minimize consumables costs and reduce waste!  Retailers will appreciate the simple user interface and easily customizable features the HT scale offers.  The auto cutter scale with linerless label cassette saves retailers time and money to keep operations running smoothly by:

  • Simplifying Label Inventory – On-demand label length eliminates the need to stock different size labels.
  • Reducing Waste– No label backing paper and dynamic sizing uses less label stock, optimizing label inventory.
  • Reducing Downtime – Clean auto cutter up to 50 percent less often that other brands and patented cassette design simplifies label change over.
  • Increasing Efficiency – More printable area per label roll and additional options for label customization.
  • Easy to Use – Intuitive and customizable graphical user interface with built-in wireless and wired Ethernet.

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