FT1000e Flight Type

Quality, Durability and Energy Savings

Capless Wash Arms with Anti-Clogging Nozzles - ensures optimal, consistent performance

Advanced Diagnostics - helps prevent downtime while maximizing uptime

Lowest Amp Load - reduces installation costs

Performance. Efficiency. Value. The Hobart FT1000e Flight Type Dish Machine takes commercial dishwashing to the highest level of energy savings. Designed to deliver peak performance and the lowest total cost of ownership, the FT1000e delivers up to $3,110 in annual savings over the previous Hobart base flight type model.

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Innovative features for continued energy savings and high-quality commercial dishwashing performance

The FT1000e Flight Type Dish Machine provides the lowest total cost of ownership of a flight-type in the industry. With integrated low energy advancements and the lowest amp load, the FT1000e reduces energy consumption while decreasing installation costs by up to $3,000.

Life Cycle Management

A flight type dishwasher designed to extend the life of your machine

With components such as advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics, improved wash arms without end caps and no external vent to chase, the FT1000e is built to last through the most challenging conditions.

Meets national standards for energy efficiency
Best in Class
Hobart Dishwashers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017

Model Comparison

BaseEnergy RecoveryAdvansys
Rinse Rate (Gallons/Hour)585858
Dishes Per Hour10,610 - 14,31010,610 - 14,31010,610 - 14,310
Dual Rinse
Blower DryerOptional
Auto Clean
Auto Delime
Automatic Soil Removal (ASR)
Energy Recovery
Ventless Energy Recovery™
Cost of Ownership Savings$3,110*$4,710*$4,923**

* Projected annual savings from a comparison of FT1000e vs. previous FT1000 model type running 10 hours a day, 365 days with electric heat.

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