HS Series Heavy Duty Slicer Machines

Heavy duty slicers all day; slicing just got easier!

Precision slice quality for a clean cut

Exclusive Zero-Knife exposure and removable knife tool

Heavy duty all day performance

No matter your operation, a local deli, chain restaurant or retail establishment, the Hobart HS heavy duty slicer machines can help you deliver precision with every cut. We look forward to helping you consistently please your customer.

Zero-Knife exposure—a Hobart exclusive—provides operators an additional level of confidence while sharpening and cleaning this slicer machine. Our patented knife removal tool, optional on select models, allows the knife to be completely removed during the cleaning process. This great feature ensures blade edges are completely protected and enhances cleaning.


Precise Cut

While lesser knives will dull quickly or pit, the HS Series heavy duty slicer stay sharp longer, giving you unparalleled precision.

The 13" CleanCut™ knife is a stainless steel knife with a cobalt-alloy edge. Using this alloy, our heavy duty slicer is able to create a thin-edge design, so you get improved yield and reduced cost of ownership. Our Borazon® sharpening stones are mounted on the HS Series slicer to help you keep a consistent sharp cut.

Easy to Clean

Seamless and removable features make sanitation a breeze.

Our patented removable ring-guard cover prevents debris buildup on cutting surfaces. Our exclusive tilting, removable carriage system and rear-mounted, removable meat-grip arm and slide-rod extension allows for thorough cleaning and sanitation. A seamless base, no-drip plate, Dishmachine-safe knife, and fasteners round out the easy to clean features.


Long-Lasting Performance

Hobart Quality
The standard for quality food equipment - tested by time.
Hobart Electric Slicers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017

Model Comparison

ModelMotor Feature
HS6/HS6NManualBurnished Finish
HS7/HS7NAutomaticBurnished Finish
HS8/HS8NManualAnodized Finish with Interlocks
HS9/HS9NAutomaticAnodized Finish with Interlocks

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