HS Series Portion Scale Slicer

Commercial slicers with scale and all-in-one capabilities.

A slicer and a scale, all in one.

Saves product, saves time.

Available in an automatic model.

Customizable user interface.

Your kitchen is about to get much more efficient. Perfect for retail or foodservice applications, the new Hobart HS6-1PS manual slicer and HS7-1PS automatic meat slicer have an integrated scale, making it quick and simple to slice product to an exact weight. No estimating, no wasted product, no time spent moving product to an external scale—just precise slicing and instant weighing.




Hobart slicers are built to exceed expectations. That’s why so many culinary professionals won't settle for anything else.

Easy to Use

Hobart slicers are engineered to work the way people do. Uncomplicated, intuitive operation helps produce great results.

Sanitation and Cleaning

Thoughtful design makes Hobart slicers easier to clean—giving operators more time to create!

Designed with Hobart Quality

Built with the operator in mind, Hobart slicers help ensure peace of mind during use.


Portion Scale Slicer Features