Hands-Free Login Device

Automating Operations. Focusing on Customers.

The Hobart Hands-Free login device connects via Bluetooth to HT Scales for labor free operator login.  Touchless, automatic login allows operators to focus on serving customers more quickly

Why Should Operators Login?

Logging in to a retail scale offers many benefits to grocers.  Linking transactions to specific times, shifts, and personnel, offers insight to operational efficiencies, systematic errors, and process deviations. 

With transactional traceability, retailers have the opportunity to address these issues and create process controls to increase efficiency in each department.  Retailers can also use the data to build rewards programs for employees based on operational efficiencies.

Why is Hands-Free Important?

Hobart’s Hands-Free device allows retailers to utilize Hobart integrated technology to automatically log productive activities in fresh departments.  Working with the industry’s best ease-of-use scale, Hands-Free now adds more capability to easily monitor employee productivity and stop unknown “sweatheart” deals.  Rather than manually entering an operator ID, the Hands-Free solution works seamlessly, eliminating a manual step, speeding up transactions.


Reduce Labor

Automatically log in and out reducing keystrokes and speeding up transactions

Optimize Revenue

Record price and tare changes, preventing “sweethearting”


Receive alert messages to keep scales running properly

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