Hobart Prosurance™

Equipment Insurance for your Commercial Kitchen

Unlimited Service Calls

Expedited Parts Coverage

24/7/365 service

Proactive Maintenance

For the ultimate in equipment coverage for your most critical kitchen equipment, Hobart Service offers the Hobart Prosurance package. It’s the ideal plan for operations that need coverage on ITW-branded dishwashers, large bakery ovens and auto-wrappers.

This plan not only covers all labor, travel, parts* and freight required on an annual basis, it provides operations with a plan that proactively keeps a kitchen’s most critical and expensive equipment running to significantly reduce emergency repairs. And when repairs are required, Prosurance customers are assured the fastest response times so that equipment downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum.

*Parts exclusions may apply

Checklist of included services in the Hobart prosurance equipment coverage


Fast, Reliable Service

Stay protected with fast response times and no business-day limitations.

Your Prosurance plan includes a four-hour emergency response time, 24/7/365 service and a contracted 24-hour response time.

The Peace of Being Prepared

This plan takes proactivity to its peak with maintenance and early part replacement.

You can take advantage of two maintenance inspection visits and two proactive maintenance visits which includes proactive replacement of expendable parts.