Hobart and Traulsen together have a broad product and service range offering commercial equipment for the food retail and foodservice industry.

We provide our customers with high-quality baking, cooking, food preparation, warewashing, weigh wrap and refrigeration equipment. We stay ahead of our competitors by applying a continuous process of innovation and cutting-edge technologies with a diverse range of products among them.

Having a broad product and service offering also triggers the diversity of our customers and suppliers worldwide. With many global locations, we cooperate with all sizes of companies ranging from family-owned restaurants to hospitals, hotels, national accounts such as Arby's and Wendy's, and multinational companies such as Disney.

In addition to product line variety, which allows for more opportunities related to career diversification and advancement, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer of an ethnically diverse workforce. Our people come from different geographical areas, including North and South America, Asia and Europe, and they have different cultural backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise. What connects us all is the commitment to the company’s well being, creativity, involvement and dedication to achieving our team goals that lead to customer satisfaction, company growth and personal pride from being an extraordinary part of Hobart’s success.