Dishwasher Water Softener Equipment

Reliable scale prevention and corrosion control -- no second thought needed.

Maintain equipment's original performance

Eliminate water hardness and prevent scaling

Virtually eliminate costly de-liming of equipment

Prolong the life of your dishwasher by protecting its heating element and external booster heater from harmful scale. Our scale reduction systems and compact water softeners are designed for easy monitoring, so you can always be sure that your warewasher is in peak condition.

Any water-fed equipment that requires high temperatures creates a "scale-friendly" environment. High temperatures cause the hard minerals in water to precipitate, creating solid scale depositors. Scale acts as an insulator, potentially causing heating elements to fail or clogging of water lines starving equipment of needed water. Let's put a stop to that.


Water Softeners

The WS-40 and WS-80 Compact Water Softeners and the WS-500 High-Volume Water Softener are the perfect solution for protecting your business from water hardness, no matter the size of the operation.

Hobart twin-tank, non-electric water softeners are available in both compact and enterprise-wide models. By virtually eliminating the scale buildup caused by hard water, Hobart water softeners are the ideal solution to maximize both the life and efficiency of your equipment. Hobart water softeners help prevent hard water issues that can leave your operation without a dishmachine until repairs are made.

Scale Reduction Systems

Providing scale prevention and chlorine corrosion control for booster heaters and dish machines, ScaleStick™ Extreme Systems are another superior water treatment solution from Hobart.

Unlike standard phosphate blends, the HydroBlend™ technology is unaffected by high temperatures, which makes it ideal for booster heaters and dish machines. Like other Hobart water treatment cartridge housings, a quick glance indicates if a replacement is needed.