Advansys LXe Undercounter Dishwasher

Advanced Wash Performance and Operation

ENERGY STAR® qualified

Advansys LXe model feature three cycles: light, normal and heavy

Includes Sense-a-Temp™ booster heater technology

The Hobart Advansys™ LXe Undercounter Dishwasher is designed to pack best-in-class cleaning power into a compact space, all while saving you money in water, energy and training. Available in both high-temp and low-temp models, the Advansys LXe undercounter warewasher is perfect for bars, coffee shops, restaurants and care facilities.

The Advansys LXe sports advanced new features that support best-in-class wash performance and save costs on energy and water usage. In fact, the Advansys LXe high-temp model can save operations up to $485 per year (based on 60 cycles per day).


Energy Recovery Technology

A Hobart-exclusive technology, designed to save operations energy costs

The Advansys LXe high-temp model includes Energy Recovery technology, which recycles hot water vapor produced during the wash and rinse cycles and to preheat cold inlet water. This not only saves energy, but reduces steam released into the air.


Designed to remove chemicals that affect the flavor and appearance of the beverages you serve.

The Advansys LXe low-temp model includes PuriRinse--a cold water rinse after the chmical sinitizer cycle.

Smart Display

Standard with the Advansys LXe, Smart Display helps with both operation and maintenance

Featuring improved display panels, the Advansys LXe is simple to operate and maintain. The Smart Display informs the operator of common maintenance operations, like auto deliming or clogged wash arms, without using complex error codes, streamlining daily operations and overall maintenance.


Advanced Features, Advanced Clean

The pinnacle of Hobart energy efficiency
Meets national standards for energy efficiency
Best in Class - Dishwashers
Hobart Dishwashers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2016

Model Comparison

LXe Base high-temp and low-tempAdvansys LXe high-tempAdvansys LXe low-temp
Model NumberLXeH, LXeCLXeRLXePR
Smart DisplayYesYesYes
Steam Elimination and Energy RecoveryNoYesNo
Cycle(s)NormalLight, Normal, HeavyLight, Normal, Heavy
Water Consumption.74.621.14
Snap-in Rinse ArmNoYesYes
Auto Delime CycleNoYesYes
Delime NotificationYesYesYes
Clogged Wash Arm NotificationNoYesYes
Chemical Pumps IncludedYesYesYes
NSF Pot and Pan CertificationNoYes - on Heavy CycleNo

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