Vision, Values & Culture

We aim to be the industry leader through great products and services, great people and great communities.


Our mission is to provide food equipment that foodservice and food retail professionals can trust to work hard and deliver quality, consistent results day in and day out, empowering them to focus on what they love most—creating great food for great people.


Our vision is to lead the foodservice and food retail equipment industry through technology innovation, operational excellence, superior customer service and unsurpassed value.

Additionally, we aim to be recognized as more than a commercial food equipment manufacturer and service provider…

  • A partner who genuinely cares about the success and wellbeing of our customers and the impact of their work on people’s lives.
  • An organization that is dedicated to working together with our customers to understand their goals and challenges; then delivers best-in-class, built-to-last equipment and continued support to help them succeed and improve efficiency.
  • A name people know, trust and look forward to working with.

Values and Culture

Our goal is to be the industry leader through great products and services, great people and great communities, and we actively support values that bring us closer to achieving these goals.

We demonstrate our commitment to the values below by treating one another with trust and respect, acting with creativity and a sense of urgency. We foster friendly work relations, harmonic cooperation and personal development. We view ourselves as a business with a warm, family-like atmosphere and believe such an attitude fosters teamwork, motivation and innovation, while enabling us to enjoy what we are doing and be proud of the results. We emphasize that Hobart’s success is a direct result of our employees’ success, and we promote individual career advancement through training, transfers and continuous education. We are also involved in supporting the communities for which we live and work. You can learn more about our community involvement by checking out the Community Engagement section.

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 In all aspects of our operations and business.

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 We encourage creativity that adds value throughout for our customers, employees and shareholders.

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 Customer Satisfaction
 To ensure we surpass expectations and become the supplier and servicer of choice.

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 Teamwork and Accountability
 To each other, our organization and our customers.

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 Ethical Behavior
 Demonstrating integrity in all our interactions.

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 With a commitment to equal opportunity and an employee base as diverse as our customers and product offerings.

Commitment to Safety
In everything we do and every product and service we deliver. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees as well as promoting the health and safety of our customers and their customers. In our daily work, our objective is to create an understanding that there is no job so important, and no service so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely and correctly. And, by designing safety features into our products, our customers benefit from improved safety, performance and efficiency in their operations.