There’s Clean, & Then There’s Hobart Clean.

Setting the Standard with Hobart Clean

We set the standard for five-star quality and superior value that all other commercial dishwashers are judged by. It’s a distinction we’ve earned over many decades by engineering dishmachines that lead the industry.

Best-In-Class Wash Performance

The PW packs in more cleaning performance than any other prep washer or manual three compartment sink. A 33.5'' opening, X-shaped wash arms and NSF Pot & Pan rating provide the capacity and power to wash all of your prepware, even with tough, heavy food soils

Increase the Throughput of Your Operation

The PWeR delivers the best throughput in its class with a 2, 4, and 6 minute adjustable cycles washing up to 260 sheet pans per hour (PW20eR).

Save Up to $1,500 on Annual Energy Consumption

The only prep washer with Ventless Energy Recovery which recycles wash and rinse water energy to heat the incoming cold water, saving up to $1,500 in energy expenses.

Save over $3,500 on Installation Costs

Ventless Energy Recovery on Advansys models eliminates the need for a vent hood, saving over $3,500 on installation costs.

Food Safety Confidence

The Hobart PW Prep Washer helps ensure sanitization to NSF standards every time you wash, with Sense-a-Temp™ temperature assurance that helps prevent operators from washing without proper temperatures.

Greater Lifetime Value

With good care, Hobart Commercial Dishwashers last for years, and with all these savings, you can realize a quick payback and return on your dishmachine investment. Ask for a Free Cost of Operations Audit to see what you could be saving.